Interview to Simon Moldskred aka Mr. Mishka

Today I present the Interview with Simon Moldskred aka Mr. Mishka, a very singular artist. Who offers us evocative and complex images and videos, shapes and colours that shape an imagery in search of its own uniqueness between light, reality and fractals.

The video art of Simon Moldskred aka Mr. Mishka

When and how your artistic path has begun?

Um it mostly “started” as just playing around with things/ experimenting/ following my curiousity. It really accelerated when i encountered hard times, as a means to get away from myself. Annoying world, by creating, discovering some other world

Which people, situations, or artists did influence mostly your work?

I didnt have any in the begining, like i dont start from something in my mind, more i find out in reality. However upon reflection / review of my work, i could start to see the patterns (then other artists as mirrors). Thus andy warhol i like, for his approach and style, just letting his eye lead. Film what his eye wants like i know very well what my eyes (and ears) like and dont like. Thus other artists that do the same, i get other aspects that influence my work, is understanding light / reality / fractals. Like the experimental aspect of “finding out” by “playing” with reality, is what i really do.

The spirit behind Mr. Mishka’s work

What do you want to express with your art, why do you choose such unique means?

I dont chose, i just do. its all improvised, i dont have control of it. only after the art is done, i can start to “see” / feel what it actually was / being expressed. so is like its “new” to me too, which why it makes it so fun to do (i dont know what i will find out / see next) regarding uniqueness, well that is just about following your own eye / ears / feeling. the uniqueness is already there im everyone, it comes out from within also on more technical level, creating a new “medium” of art itself, u create a whole new world. etc.

Simon Moldskred aka Mr. Mishka: Art projects

I would like to go deep about your last artistic project. What can you tell us about it?

is more a continuation (evolution) of the art, rather then start / stop of “separate” pieces. it all comes in together, thus a story is told when looking back, and the art “pieces” have a life of their own.

Is more fun to see how it evolves on more technical level, i re-use / re-film / re-work previous films (and spaces) into new pieces thus can make new interesting combinations is like some weird trip / journey.

More on actual specifics, currently i have my mirror room setup, with projector on its own tripod, with controls of lighting / visuals. so i use this to re-film my works in new perspectives / viewpoints / combinations / compositions / etc the whole room i use (like the “canvas” / aka space itself is also part of the art) dont know where one stops and the other ends, thus is like a trip, i just record as i go along, that is how i do everything. improvise / play around, while recording everything. then later review and filter out all the pieces i resonate with / feel for (aka my eye / ear knows, but not my mind) .

Not for the market but for the artistic process.

What’s your relationship with the market? Which opportunities are available for young artists to stand out in your area?

I honestly wouldnt know, because is not something i care much for. i like the process of doing the art itself (for myself). the market or what / where the art fits is secondary. maybe if its something interactive or collaborative, where it creates new art during the showcasing of it, is probably what i would find interesting. otherwise it just being some trippy wallpaper paper (not in main focus), probably suits it best. people see different things in it, when people can just look / fall into it, not having any “concept” or anything before hand. like it doesnt “mean” anything, meaning is different for everyone and comes always comes after. the art is just a trip: short answer, go to clubs / bars, ideally smaller more local places (to meet more “real” people / connections).

To be truly unique, different from everyone.

What would you suggest to a young artist that would like to financially support himself from his own art?

Depends, if ur work is separated from ur art, then ur art is free and not compromising. thus u can rly develop the art into something very unique and have a style that stands out. is only what ive done that worked for me.

I could not sacrifice my art to fit an existenting market, relying on it to pay the bills. it would compromise the art itself. i think once u figure out / done the art, then u can see where it “fits” / what potential it has in what market. u have to really stand out (the art be very unique), to be successful in the markets (aka no competition, people know u for something unique / a style) or if u r the social type, having connections will probably lead u to most success (financially), even if ur art is not that good different types for different goals i guess.

Facebook: Simon Moldskred aka Mr. Mishka

Instagram: Mister Mishka (@mister.mishka.official) • Foto e video di Instagram

Website: Visual – MISTER MISHKA

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Interview to Simon Moldskred aka Mr. Mishka
Today I present the Interview with Simon Moldskred aka Mr. Mishka, a very singular artist. Who offers us evocative and complex images and videos, shapes and colours that shape an imagery in search of its own uniqueness between light, reality and fractals.
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