Alan Moore says goodbye to comics?

Speaking to the Guardian, Alan Moore revealed that he has said goodbye to the world of comics for good.

Alan Moore is one of the greatest cartoonists in history. However, he has been away from his work for quite some time now and in the last few hours the final confirmation has arrived: he is retiring.

In fact, the author spoke to the Guardian explaining the reasons that led him to make this decision.

I’m definitely done with comics – says Alan Moore. I haven’t written any for about five years. I will always love and adore the medium of comics, but the comics industry and all things related to it have become unbearable. Hundreds of thousands of adults line up to see characters and situations that were created to entertain 12-year-old boys 50 years ago. I really didn’t think superheroes were adult stuff.

Moore’s philosophy is based on a careful reflection on society and the human condition. He explores complex issues such as power, corruption, identity and free will. Moore challenges traditional comic book conventions, embracing a more sophisticated and complex narrative that pushes the reader to reflect on moral and ethical issues.

A fundamental aspect of Moore’s philosophy is his critique of conformity and the dominant society. Through his works, he questions institutions, governments and systems of power, highlighting their injustices and hypocrisies. Moore invites readers to question their own role in society and to consider the implications of their actions.

His philosophy translates into a lasting and mystical impression, influencing not only the world of comics, but also the way we think about storytelling and the complexity of life itself.

Find all Alan Moore’s books at the link: All Book Series by Alan Moore (

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Alan Moore says goodbye to comics?
Speaking to the Guardian, Alan Moore revealed that he has said goodbye to the world of comics for good.
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